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Q: Who can apply for a scholarship?
A: Students who are U.S. Citizens majoring in mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering; physics; or precision machining.
Q: What college or universities are accepted?
A: Most U.S. colleges and universities are accepted.

Q: When do I have to have the application submitted?
A: You need to have your application and the results of your Mechanical Test submitted by February 15th of each year

Q: How do I take the Mechanical Test?
A: The Mechanical Test is proctored by the school you are attending or by previous arrangements by The Dearborn Foundation.

Q: When will I know whether or not I have received a scholarship?
A: The Board of Directors of The Dearborn Foundation have their annual meeting the end of April. Students are notified by letter by the end of May.

Q: What happens after I receive a scholarship notification?
A: A letter of acceptance will be sent to you along with a “Letter of Understanding” that needs to be signed and returned. You will also need to provide a current 4” x 4’’photo, your school ID and the proper school address and department to send the check.    

Q: Can I apply for a renewal scholarship?
A: Yes, as long as you maintain a 3.0 GPA and continue to pursue a degree in an approved engineering major or a precision machining degree.                             

Q: What do I do if Adobe Acrobat Reader won't save a filled in application?
A: Uninstall your current version of acrobat reader and install a new copy of Adobe's most recent version. The applications have proven to work flawlessly on Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (version 11).