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  Born on May 11, 1918, near Cleveland, Ohio, Howard Dearborn attended high school and then one year at Case School of Applied Science. After being fired several times from his father's machine shop, Howard borrowed $400 on his car and $1,000 from his uncle and started his own machining business in an old warehouse next to a railroad track amongst three coal yards. He hired a high school friend and designed and built two special machines. This was the start of Howard Manufacturing Company in Berea, Ohio. Most of the products made were used for wartime equipment. Howard and his family moved to Maine in the early 1960's and built a second manufacturing plant in Fryeburg called Dearborn Precision Tubular Products, now with over 200 employees. During the many years in business, Howard's two companies produced components for tanks, airplanes, nuclear submarines, nuclear reactors, space vehicles, medical equipment and deep water drilling equipment. These two plants with highly specialized machines, designed and built by Howard Dearborn, have been successful for over fifty years and have provided Howard with the financing to set up The Dearborn Foundation. Howard has also developed many inventions, some of which hold patents.