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Purpose of the Foundation


  The Dearborn Foundation has scholarships available to qualifying US citizens for education, research or experimentation. As an entrepreneur and inventor all of his life, Mr. Dearborn realizes that for the United States to maintain a leading role in the world, we desperately need more inventors to lead the engineers and entrepreneurs of the future. Normally engineers are taught to do what has already been successfully accomplished and accepted as standard practice. Mr. Dearborn would like to promote or sponsor people with high IQ's who have an analytical mind capable of logical reasoning and a thorough understanding of the basic natural sciences, especially physics. The type of person he would like to help and promote is a person who can think beyond the standard and accepted ways of doing things. He or she would be someone capable of independent thinking, who would like to venture further than what they normally teach in engineering schools, but must understand the basic rules of science. The applicants for the scholarships must be the type who could be an innovator, inventor or designer. The Dearborn Foundation would like to find and help promote the future Edisons, Wright  Brothers, Sikorskis, Goddards, Franklins, Bells, Fords and many more.